Alpha Land

Alphaland is a cluster of developers who share a vision. we tend to believe that in an rising market like the Philippines, a bold, well-capitalized developer and in best positioned to amass and reinvent prime however underdeveloped sites. In less than a year, we've engineered a list of unequaled properties. we represent development done right, attentively to detail and target quality for the future, that delights our customers, and provides our shareholders the simplest come back. alphaland corp. is a partnership between Roberto V. Ongpin, Eric O. Recto and also the Ashmore group.

The Ashmore group  is one in every of the world's leading investment managers dedicated to rising markets with a history of systematically outperforming the market. primarily based in London, the business was started by members of its team in 1992 as a part of the Australia and New Zealand Banking group.  In 1999, Ashmore became freelance and nowadays manages US$31.1 billion (at 30 Sept 2009) in pooled funds, segregated accounts and structured products. Ashmore has created in depth investments within the Philippines in close partnership with Roberto V. Ongpin. it's holdings in PhilWeb and ism Communications, and a 400th stake within the country largest oil refiner and retailer, Petron Corporation.

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