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Nasugbu, Batangas
121 - 174 SQ.M Floor Area 1, 2Baths

AMARA EN TERRAZAS: THE doors to a very exclusive and luxurious lifestyle by the sea have opened with recent completion of the first phase of Amara en Terrazas inside the posh Punta Fuego community.

Surrounded by pockets of forest reserve and outlined by a gentle rolling terrain towards a majestic mountain ridge, Amara En Terrazas is an exclusive seaside residential resort condominium development. With a total of only 95 units arranged in a single corridor, this luxury condominium apartment community offers 95 unique and unobstructed views of the pristine waters of the South China Sea, the Terrazas Cove and nearby communities. More than just the typical condominium development, the central design theme of Amara En Terrazas is a fusion of Asian and Western architecture, characterized by the seamless integration of man-made and natural environment. The development will be arranged into two buildings, Casa del Mar, with a maximum of 7 storeys and Casa de Amor, a 3-storey structure. The development will be organized into clusters bordered by lush tropical landscaping and interconnected by link bridges.

Capturing the elite and luxurious lifestyle that is uniquely Punta Fuego and the lock-up convenience offered by condominium living, Amara En Terrazas will be sold exclusively to Club Punta Fuego members. Hence, share ownership is a necessary qualification for purchasers of any unit. Distinctive as its name, Amara, the synthesis of Amor (love) and Mar (sea), it will embody the tranquil and soothing ambiance of a resort and access to the expansive world-class recreational amenities and facilities of Club Punta Fuego. To its future owners, Amara will be more than just a weekend home, Amara En Terrazas is a dream made into reality.

Landco Pacific’s Leisure Communities & Resort Development Group Project Director Martin Caudal says they’ve made sure that with the completion of its residential floors as well as its other features and amenities, its residents will now get to enjoy the exclusive luxuries the Punta Fuego residents do enjoy.

Making a complete luxurious experience possible
Located inside Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, Amara’s Phase 1A, which covers units 7 to 12 of the Casa del Mar building’s seven floors, was completed last May.

Caudal confirms that they have significantly finished most of the areas that matter to the initial move-ins.  

But what should delight the most its residents is that just this past holiday season, Amara’s amenities and features were also completed. This means that vacationing families will get to enjoy the pool, outdoor showers and gazebos.

“We prioritized the completion of this amenity so that our unit owners, those who have moved in and those who just come to visit the site for the day, would be able to immediately enjoy the amenity. Unit owners who are also active members of Club Punta Fuego can also utilize the many facilities that the club has to offer in both Peninsula de Punta Fuego and Terrazas de Punta Fuego.” Caudal says.

All unit owners who have an activated membership at Club Punta Fuego, including those whose units are not yet done can actually avail of the Club’s facilities. That includes the famous boardwalk with inter-linked cabanas, the luxurious infinity pool, and of course the white beach.

These amenities is of course topped by the often-celebrated view of the sea that Amara is offering its residents—all units have a view of the waters fronting the development, starting from the Terrazas cove all the way to the South China Sea.  

This feature is made possible by the fact that Amara sits on the ridge fronting the Terrazas cove.

And thanks to the FPD-Landco Property Services, Inc., residents also now will get to experience what its like to have the Lock-up feature of Amara.

“Amara's unit owners prefer the lock-up convenience that condominium units have.  This convenience means that they can just lock-up their units when they leave Amara and don't have to worry about the maintenance of common areas such as the gardens, landscape and pool areas,” Caudal says.  

Aside from these benefits, residents are assured that their units would be secured and maintained because the condominium complex would have its own 24-hour security and maintenance groups, aside from the security provided by the Terrazas Village gate.  

Right now, the FPD-Landco is also busy assisting residents who are in the process of moving in or are readying their units for eventual move-in.

Making it even more convenient for the unit owners who have moved in or are planning to move in soon is the ready parking area right in front of the Casa del Mar building. This is only the first of a total of three parking areas in Amara.  

The future looks even brighter
As it is, Amara is already beaming in its gloss, looking out into the sea. When it is totally ready, luxury in seaside living will never be the same.

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