Anchor Land Holdings

Anchor Land Holdings Inc. (ALHI) Amidst the reality  that many of todays real-estate projects fail to meet the demands of its increasingly ever-critical clientele, we, at Anchor Land Holdings, Incorporated (ALHI), dare to push the boundaries of pre-conceived  notions of excellence.

The Company is one of the fastest growing property developers in the country whose main focus is the development of high-end condominium projects in Manila.

The Companys very first project, the Lee Tower, was also the first condominium to offer residents of Binondo.  Manila access to the Makati-style of living right in their own backyard.  The project was marketed mainly through word-of-mouth and was fully sold in just 18 months.

This project was funded by a combination of capital infusion, non-interest advances from stockholders and internally generated funds through pre-selling as a result of a very positive response from the market.

Leveraging on the goodwill generated by its first project, the company currently has two condominium projects under construction the Mayfair Tower and the Mandarin Square.  Another project will be started by the company this year as it continues to slowly build its reputation for building high quality condominiums.

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