ArthaLand is a revitalized real estate company bringing together a brain trust of experts in property development. We establish ourselves as an entrepreneurial, world-class, boutique developer of unique, enduring projects in the residential, office, and leisure segments.
- We are responsive and responsible to our customers throughout our projects’ life cycles – from concept to completion and beyond.
- We are future-ready.
- We are future proof, by design.

Our Mission
- To be a boutique developer that creates properties that will provide special, holistic and elevated quality of living for our customers and overall communities consistent with sustainability values that we stand for.

Our Vision
- To become a fresh breed of developers whose aim is to sincerely care for and improve lives and conserve the environment in all phases thru responsive and responsible planning, development and property management.  - - We know that our work impacts on the lives of our customers, the interest of investors and business partners, the well-being of communities that we build and the welfare of the environment. 
- To be the preferred choice by customers who want a better and healthier environment for families, working communities that will grow and thrive thru time.
- To be the benchmark in the industry for novelty and freshness in project concepts, for well-thought of and perfectly executed projects, and in long-term after sales relationship.
- To be a caring and motivating employer supporting employees’ knowledge advancement, growth, health and aspirations for a quality life making them responsible citizens in society.
- To be a worthy investment to our shareholders, creating and unlocking values of properties we develop which translate into long-term returns for investors.

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