Arista Place DMCI Homes maximizes use of landscaping

DMCI Homes explores the employment of landscape in another sense: as a part of engineering and ecological solutions that may benefit the residents of its latest development in Paranaque, still because the community's outer limits.

Arista Place is an 11-tower, resort-inspired community in Sto. Nino, Paranaque city situated close to the airport, beside the river. From the beginning of the project, DMCI Homes created absolute to dig right by applying principles of architecture to assist heal the scheme fronting the property.

Landscape Manager Alexis Valiente aforementioned, "The goal is to beautify however additionally to create an announcement that we're doing property ecological designs."

Once the most source of economic sustenance among dwellers along the riverbanks, Paranaque river (where waters from Manila, Makati and Pasay converge to flow into Manila Bay) has bore the force of industry and urbanization, and currently must be revitalised. rather than turning a blind eye or walking far from the challenge, DMCI Homes determined to assist improve the realm in order that the barangay will maintain its strategic advantage and family-friendly geographic area.

Arista Place is DMCI Homes' first development that will receive extensive landscape architectural designs to help breathe vitality into the vicinity. Unlike other developers, it will create the landscape in conjunction with the construction of the condominium community, rather than relegating landscaping to a cosmetic finish.

Valiente makes it clear though that landscaping as a way to fix up water quality is not the 100 percent solution to the river situation. But through phytoremediation, a form of ecological intervention that uses plants to help clean up polluted environments, it becomes an effective and natural method to help the ecosystem recuperate.

One of the most prolific of the plants used for this purpose is Vetiver grass which can suck up contaminants including metals that pollute the river. With the grasses' long roots going as deep as two meters that intertwine and form a mesh underground, it is an effective erosion-prevention technique to stabilize the soil along riverbank slopes.

DMCI Homes is proud of its engineering background and feats, so landscaping in Arista Place is being done simultaneously with the engineering process.

"Management wanted to do it at the same time as construction so that early on, before the community is established, we'd have the buffer zone already in place," he said.

Even now as construction is being set up, the landscape architecture team of DMCI Homes has already moved in to begin 100 meters of test area.

Arista Place features modern tropical architecture with DMCI Homes' biggest allotment for amenities at 1.2 hectares.