Defining luxury condo standards The Beaufort

Condominium developers need a piece of the pie that caters to the elusive radical rich market section these days.

The lucrative promise of a 9 to 10 % ratio of leasing out these high-end condos and a minimum of an average 2.4 % quarterly increase in capital values have drawn native developers left and right, per a study by CBRE Philippines


The Beaufort - 5th Avenue and 23rd Avenue in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

With all claiming that theirs is that the high-end or the luxurious condominium to acquire, consumers are wary that can be the real deal.

Is it the amenities? Is it just about regards close to on the subject regarding the fine finishes? however about the location? Is it because of a decent word or 2 from the privileged few? Likewise, what provides a condominium that particular luxury status that attracts in the high-flying A market?

Filinvest Alabang's government vice president Catherine A. Ilagan, aforementioned that the upmarket vendee is incredibly specific and discriminating, however includes a practical method of process levels of "satisfaction."

"The variety of units to a floor could be a key consideration," she cited. The denseness per floor is clear in Filinvest Premiere projects, The Beaufort in Bonifacio global city, Taguig, for one, and again, in Botanika Nature Residences, Filinvest's initial under the best category Exclusive collection, settled in Filinvest city, Alabang.

"The Beaufort solely has 3 to four units to a floor. this offers them utmost privacy," Ilagan aforementioned.

Most often than not, the address is one in all the most deciding factors. The quiet and secure surroundings are and factors that the affluent condominium consumers are probing for.

"Some would favor a condominium thats among a convenient distance from their mode requisites like quality colleges for the young ones, upmarket dining and retail districts, healthy facilities and even wellness hubs. however most would need a fitting neighborhood, one that has exclusivity, security and quiet. Of course, an excellent read that relaxes you is often a and purpose," the Filinvest executive aforementioned.

The Beaufort, as an example, is found in whats maybe the quietest residential enclave of BGC that boasts of broad views of the Manila links, amid the luxurious retail district on fifth Avenue and a decent range of restaurants, the world-class St. Luke's Hospital, all settled within the CBD.

The profile of high-end condominium buyers currently are typically the generation x or the Gen-Y, who are set to go away the family mansions in Dasmarinas Village or in Forbes. Or the oldsters "the Baby-boomers" themselves need a area of their own and finding the family home too huge with all the youngsters gone.

"Peace of mind is additionally an element," she said. this is often why at The Beaufort, prime safety features refined by international security consulting firm control Risks, are place in place for unit owners, which has high-security key card access and av phone entry system, among others. These are supported by 100 percent backup power altogether units and customary space, permitting peace of mind 24/7, even with today's fast, lock-up-and-go life-style.

"One must make certain that the affluent buyer has enough area for customizing their living areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows, pet-friendly hallways, a generous range of top-notch amenities are simply some of their several personal preferences," she said.

It should be noted that one in all the luxuries offered by true high-end condominium development is that the privacy and areas for distinct uses, like the swimming bath, coaching athletic facility, and performance rooms. The jet-setting condominium buyer usually needs amenities that they might relish for infrequent gatherings with family and friends.

The two towers of The Beaufort is currently ready for occupancy.
Beaufort could be a development of Filinvest Premiere. its settled at the corner of fifth Avenue and twenty third Street in BGC, Taguig City.