Phinma Properties renews ties with Phivocs, boosts disaster-preparedness program

Phinma Property Holdings Corporation (PHINMA PROPERTIES) has revived its partnership with Philippine Institute of geophysics and geophysical science (Phivocs) on earthquake-readiness training for all its residents, in efforts to bolster the disaster interference and preparation program among its assets sites.

The two parties met recently at the Phivocs workplace in city to map plans to continue holding earthquake-readiness workshops and drills for all PHINMA PROPERTIES realty comes. PHINMA PROPERTIES and Phivocs are partners in earthquake preparation since 2005, five years before the recent irruption of tremors and earthquakes in the country.

Phinma Properties President and Chief officer Willie J. Uy said, "On top of PHINMA's strict compliance with structural laws in developing project sites, as accountable developers we would like to form positive our residents and occupants square measure ready for disaster things."

Phivocs said that Phinma Properties is that the 1st and only personal assets developer that has wanted Phivocs experience on earthquake-preparedness for the occupants of their development sites. This shows the company's dedication and concern not just for quality except for safety of its consumers. the corporate is additionally the primary and only triple certified developer within the country with triple ISO certification for the standard, Environmental and activity Safety & Health Management System. As a part of their analysis method, PHILVOCS technical team conducted a review of the planning and structural plans of Phinma Properties comes and verified the structural integrity the developer's bearing buildings as early as 2005. supported their normal procedures, the company's condos were found to be terribly stable structures.

"We are hopeful that this collaboration with Phivocs can prime all Phinma Properties residents in the natural event of a robust earthquake," Engineer patron saint Richard Siton, Phinma Properties vp for Operations additional.

Phivocs Deputy Director Bartolome Bautista said, "We hope to make their program self-sustainable now in order that they'll conduct regular earthquake-readiness trainings on their own."

Meanwhile, Ma. Mylene Villegas, Phivocs Chief for geological Disaster Awareness and preparation, said that it would be smart for property developers to possess a disaster preparation program for his or her occupants like what Phinma Properties is doing.

"A disaster-preparedness program for building occupants once the sale of units is good, particularly for mid-rise and high-rise buildings. Buildings could also be structurally sound and well-planned for disasters like earthquakes and fires. however if the occupants don't recognize what to try to to throughout disaster things, it defeats the aim," Villegas explained.

Grant Orbeta, vice president for promoting and style expressed, "We need to take earthquakes seriously or lives are going to be lost. Our condos involve bearing walls that square measure designed underneath strict international standards. we tend to cannot gamble with the security of our purchasers and residents that's why we tend to square measure seeking the assistance of specialists on earthquake-readiness.

Phinma Properties additionally conducts different disaster hindrance and readiness seminars for their residents and has place in place a property management group that perpetually monitors the needs of its communities.