SOC Land Anuva redefines living space

A common conception of condominium living is that of a narrow area with a door that opens on to a kitchen. SOC land development corporation. is aware of that this image is far from what individuals might call a true, comfy home.

Thus, SOC Land has redefined however a condominium for sale unit ought to be with Anuva, its four-tandem building residential condominium community development close to Sucat Interchange in Muntinlupa town.

Architects of the Anuva condominium buildings deviated from the same old rectangular configuration of condo units to optimize the employment of interior house. Anuva’s studio, one- and two-bedroom units have the same floor area as their counterparts in different mid-rise condominiums, but their square layout configuration achieves a lot of spaciousness.

“When you’re coming into a typical rectangular space, you have got around 2.8 meters to 3 meters of dimension. In our layout, there's a depressed portion for the kitchen, creating the space look larger upon entering. The dimension becomes 4 meters at the point where the living room is situated,” explained Antonio F. Trillanes Jr., principal designer of TAF architectural practice, which designed the Anuva buildings together with OCB + Associates Architects.

The feeling of a lot of freedom of movement within an Anuva unit is apparent once one steps into the model units at the development site along East local road between Sucat and Alabang Interchange.

The main door opens to the dining area and bath on one facet, and also the kitchen and living areas further on the far side it. The bedrooms are placed on the alternative side of the living space, to complete the square shape of the unit. All units even have atiny low laundry corner, whereas one- and two-bedrooms units have a balcony.

The length of the kitchen space will simply work a cooking range and refrigerator. The kitchen counter are often tailored and extended for additional operating space by using the slot supposed for the refrigerator. a small bar counter and stools can even fit in the space between the kitchen and living area.

Trillanes aforesaid a square layout defines house orientation inside the unit but little it's. “You identify non-public room from public living space.”

“Compared to a typical rectangular layout, a square layout permits for larger windows,” value-added Arch. Bernard C. Tanio, associate and partner at OCB + Associates Architects.

The bigger windows maximize lighting and ventilation of the unit interior whereas giving householders enjoyment of the skin prospect.