The 5 Smart Way to find Your Condo for Rent in Philippines

The 5 Smart Way to find Your Condo for Rent in Philippines. 

we listed out the 5 short consideration in finding out your perfect condominium unit here it is...

1, Location - its is the most important thing when looking for a place to stay, it should be at the best posible location where as, is it near Hospital? a Mall? A work Place ? if your looking for condo for rent with a patient prolly you need to stay near Hospital. residential condo which is near the place we need to go gives as best advantages. the the best location would be inside the CBD, Makati, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas Center.

2, Budget - How much would be your budget ? finding also a place to stay you should need to know how much will be your budget. if your looking for a high standard condominium unit, consider the location would be the best the condo unit as well as the building. it would go as high as 200k depending on the location and build quality of the building. also please consider having PDC, checks are the most common factor that unit owners want.

3. Fully furnished, Unfurnished Condo - finding also a unit we should know what we want. if we have to stay for a short months or weeks consider finding a fully-furnished unit. and if you already have furniture's you can find unfurnished unit it is more advantageous if you have some furniture and look for unfurnished unit is is much lower on rental price. same goes with fully furnished unit. if you have the moola go for fully furnished unit. it like living on a hotel and your advantage is that you can cook what ever you like.

4. Building Age - some tenants are looking for newer buildings, for safety purposes. i might say newer buildings has more advantage than the older ones. considering the amenities, speedy elevators. fire safety and some others that technology offers. 

5. Agents - know our agents. broker agents should be helpful, on want you need. they should be knowledgeable on a property they are offering. and also accredited and licensed.