The Meranti at 2 Serendra A place to nurture family

The Meranti at Two Serendra Of all the pursuits that we elect to nurture in our lifespan, none are going to be as fulfilling because the passion for family life. among its residents' strong emotion in mind, The Meranti at 2 Serendra takes care of their favorite passion: the family.

The Meranti is well-placed to require advantage of the family-friendly surroundings of Bonifacio world town (BGC) in Taguig that has, over the past few years, formed up to become one in every of the foremost fascinating addresses in railroad line Manila.

BGC boasts of its prime location close to the central business districts of Ortigas and Makati, and is next to the high-end industrial areas at Bonifacio main street and also the Fort. quite that, however, it's quick changing into one in every of the simplest neighborhoods for family-centric living.

There area unit several notable colleges within the space. distinctive learning opportunities outside the college conjointly abound, together with the soon-to-rise Mind deposit, a first museum which will house over 250 exhibits once it opens its doors later this year.

The gap of St. Luke's heart in BGC is additionally an enormous issue towards creating the realm extraordinarily appealing for families. united of the simplest hospitals within the world, it makes the simplest medical facilities and doctors simply accessible to families living within the space.

Two Serendra was planned to preserve the wide-open areas and luxurious inexperienced grounds that has created BGC distinctive among Manila's urban spaces; The Meranti itself devotes a full sixty five % of its space to greens. this implies that residents will relish the simplest of community house while not having to provide up the status or the convenience of living within the town.

Within its walls, The Meranti also will feature the invention Hall: quite a library, it's a relaxed setting wherever folks and their kids will pay time as they learn and play along. With a thematic thought designed by Associate in Nursing skilled advisor, the invention Hall can have interactive components and be equipped with books, indoor games, Wi-Fi, and different facilities which will facilitate families build the foremost out of their quality time along.

The project conjointly takes care of the individual passions of every loved one with amenities which will enable them to explore their own pursuits.

There is conjointly the cooking Studio, a professional-grade room and area wherever residents will hone their preparation skills; the Stellar Peak, a performance house for music and theatre; and a completely equipped Fitness Club for those whose goal is health and fitness.

For meeting, there's the Enterprise Lounge for after-work gatherings, and also the glass-enclosed garden venue referred to as the Tropical Garden for events.