Burgundy Builders Development Corp

The company started in 1987 under the name Sphere Holdings Corporation, which specialized in the development of single detached houses in prestigious Makati Villages such as Dasmariñas, Urdaneta, Bel Air, Magallanes.

With the growth of commerce however, the demand for more sophisticated housing arose.  Proximity to important establishments and sufficient living space for transient or single occupancy superseded the usual housing considerations such as dimension, status or opulence.  The trend became compact yet stylish and fully functional residential units that had nearly everything significant and necessary within its reach.  Perceiving these changes, the company decided to focus its ventures into residential/ commercial buildings in high growth areas, preferably within Metro Manila.  Thus Burgundy was formed in 1992.

Affiliates Companies on Property Development:

+ Burgundy Builders Development Corporation - Philippines
+ Fuga Islands Holdings, Inc. -  Philippines
+ Barrit Island Holdings, Inc. - Philippines
+ Philippine Village Hotel, Inc - Philippines
+ Southeastern Four Season Hotel, Inc. - Philippines
+ Subic Hermosa Cyber City - Philippines
+ Marycynth Realty Corporation - Philippines
+ Asia Pacific International Terminal, Inc. (Port Operations)- Philippines
+ The New Asian Property Fund Limited - Bermuda
+ AOF Burgundy Limited - Bermuda
+ The Asia Opportunities Fund Limited - Bermuda

Overseas Branches:

+ Burgundy Holdings - 2203 Fairmont House, * Cotton Tree Drive, Hongkong • LDF Burgundy - c/o Bank of Bermuda Bldg., 6 Front St., Hamilton HMII, Bermuda
+ Intelmarc Global Marketing Inc., - London
+ Triumph Properties Corporation -  NewYork, N.Y.

Bank References:

+ Morgan Stanley
+ Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC)
+ Bank of Bermuda - Bermuda
+ Commerzbank - Germany & Trust
+ Citibank
+ Philippine National Bank

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