First Shelter Ventures and Realty Corporation

First Shelter Ventures and Realty Corporation (FSVRC) started as a real estate planning company in 1992 and later evolved into a property development firm. Having been in the business of project packaging, planning, and preparation of comprehensive real estate project feasibility studies that includes technical, financial and market research, studies and plans for many years, our company is committed to developing only the carefully evaluated and planned projects that will best serve the needs of our market. We spend enormous time on planning and market research to ensure that our products meet the high standards of our valued clients. We allocate substantial resources for this purpose to make sure that our market is satisfied and that we are able to deliver the best values for their investments.

Our sites are carefully selected to ascertain accessibility to major roads and transportation networks, commercial establishments, institutions and employment zones. Our designs are planned carefully by a team of professionals with excellent reputation in their fields. Our in-house organization boasts of the best minds in the industry with extensive decades-long experience in housing.

Selective branding of products that cater to different market segments is part of our long-term strategy. Our subsidiary has nearly completed its development of a project that catered to the low and moderate income groups. Currently, we are developing a new residential landmark, a luxury town homes community in paranaque City for the high and moderate income groups.

This project has been carefully planned for almost a year to make certain that all the important components of good housing project are in place. In the future, we will continue to address the needs of the majority of the income population without sacrificing value, space, and amenities for convenience because at the heart of our mission is our constant desire to change the lives of people in need of housing whether for investment or end use.

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