Goldland Properties Inc.

Founded in August 1987, Goldland has emerged from building homes to building dreams.

Starting from different industries, the founder of Goldland Group of Companies, Francisco C. Basa, entered the Real Estate business not knowing if it was going to be a booming industry. He simply entered with the passion to build good quality homes that would cater to diverse lifestyles. His main goal was to give the community an affordable place adding style and convenience into the equation. In effect, this addressed the different wants and needs of the people.

Inspired by his heart and mind, the first project was built. This first endeavor was a 43-unit townhouse, Goldland Villa. The success of this project motivated him to continue developing more properties. Goldland started developing several projects left and right as they were fulfilling their dream of offering pleasant homes to the community. Not long after they started, it was very fortunate for them that the Real Estate industry was thriving. In the late 1980s, they were at their peak as they built the Goldland Tower and Goldland Plaza which is their pride and joy.

Goldland was starting to build a name in the world of Real Estate. Proving to the community their ability to give superior quality homes, it was easy for them to penetrate the market despite the competition among large developers.

The light of inspiration has traveled through the years. And to this day, Goldland is continuously giving the public the opportunity to own a top-quality and comfortable home. At present, with the ever changing economy, they do not just offer a good living space, but also a good investment. These are no longer mere properties because these are homes, homes that are good for your family and vital to your future

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