JNJ Summithill

JNJ Summithill inc was incorporated within the year 2013 with the vision of providing premium condormitel kind residences at reasonable rates.

JNJ is that the team behind University Pad Residences, that is best referred to as "Upad". Currently, Upad has established a pair of branches - one in P. Ocampo, and another in P. Campa - pairing around 700 tenants for every of the 2 buildings; comes to follow embrace branches in Taft & in P.Ocampo (extension).

JNJ continues to grow more with its latest endeavor known as University Home "Uhome" that aims to bring identical quite atmosphere embodied by all Upad branches to students, one wherever tenants feel secured and reception, as if they need never affected. Ultimately, the comes of JNJ Summithill inc are product of the support and satisfaction it garners from its customers.

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