Mirobeni Property Holdings Inc.

For a Real Estate Development company, the strength of the inspiration is everything. we tend to at Mirobeni Property Holdings figure that by treating individuals we tend to do business with and staff, is establishing mutual trust!

Founded in 2008, Mirobeni Property Holdings INC., a Swiss managed company, became one in every of the nation's premier residential and business real estate company specializing within the Archetypes Condominium development, construction and possession of quality, institutional-grade real estate situated in primary markets in Manila, Makati and Cebu. Our comes embrace a various range of property types, from comfortable condominium units to townhomes. Mirobeni primarily develops and builds condos for sale.

Since the beginning, we have a tendency to began to build both, relationships and structures that last, due to a commitment to exceed expectations, every time. therefore while we could have Quality, Service, Flexibility and Integrity engraved into a cornerstone, maybe our true key to success is that the passion to sell fine quality condominium Units and Townhouse Units at a reasonable “Cheep” value.

As of these days, we've got projects beneath development in Manila, Makati and Cebu.

The spirit of community is a sturdy a part of our company identity. as a result of we not only develop and build projects that improve communities, we have a tendency to build and develop live yet.

We believe giving back to the community, whether or not within the form of output or physical labor.

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