Ticino Holdings Incorporated

Ticino Holdings Incorporated - Named after the lush lake region of Southern Switzerland renowned for its Italian heritage and architectural focus on the stunning views of pristine lakes and valleys.

Ticino Holdings Incorporated - Experienced over nearly two decades of surpassing the high standards of construction imposed by manufacturing facilities. The precision of semi-conductors assembly can only be achieved in a perfect environment of high-powered machines performing in near sterile and non-static conditions. No considerations are overlooked with such specifications construction clients. Under the leadership of Ticino Holdings, Seora and Singularity Inc. have consistently delivered superlative productions facilities for a variety of High-technology companies whose objectives are similar in nature: efficient assembly, logistics, and materials handling, all centred in a state of the art compound that is best representative of their brand, in the Philippines. Namely, these world leaders in electronics are: Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Samsung, IM Technologies, Shingheung Electro Digital, Nidec, Epson, and others.

Beyond the accomplishments for super-conductor manufacturing facilities; Ticino Holdings stakeholders experience span three continents of familiarity within the luxury sector of construction, design, and market expectations.

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