Under Construction
4.3 - 15.1 M
  • Under Construction condominium in Kasa Luntian at Tagaytay

Kasa Luntian

Tagaytay-Calamba National Road
39 - 104 SQ.M Floor Area Studio, 1, 2Beds 1, 2Baths

Kasa Luntian will be Alveo's first foray into leisure developments and is planned to be a leisure residential condominium complex with aquaint retail strip tucked away from the main road.

The approximately 0.8-hectare retail district of the property is envisioned to be a unique destination with dining concepts such as organic bistros and coffee shops, as well as boutiques with special finds. The leisure condo neighborhood will be a low-rise and low-density community.

Having a place that you can call your own is a good thing and having it in a premier location where most people go to for vacation, leisure and weekend getaways is even better.

One of the most visited spots in the country and perhaps one of the most beautiful places with the panoramic view of the Taal Lake and the surrounding areas of rainforest, natural vegetation and some colorful array of beautiful flowers, Tagaytay proves to be an ideal place for many travelers.

Wake Up in a Dream Paradise Where the Intoxicating Feel of the City’s Industries are only a Hazy Blur in your Mind!
A green paradise situated amidst tropical forest trees and lush vegetation, you would surely find the serenity and peace that you aspire for. The property is set in a cluster of 6 major buildings which is connected with trails and footpaths where you can take advantage of while wandering around the semi-forest setting of some of the areas within the property.

The natural green scenery would make your senses come to life while enjoying the bounty of nature that we are so blessed with.

Haven for Retreat
Away from the pressures of work, the noisy and crowded streets of the city, and the smog coming out of the chimneys of many factories in the urban zone; you would find great comfort and privacy either by yourself, with your family or that special someone that you love in Kasa Luntian.

As the name suggests, you would fill your eyes with shades of green as you get to experience living with nature while still enjoying the modern facilities of the place. The cool breeze coupled with the quietness of the place would entice you to just sit down and relax while listening to the melodic chirping of the birds and the sound of the air brushing through the leaves.

Looking Forward to Fun Activities
Several attractions come close to where you are while staying at Kasa Luntian. The famed Taal Lake can be a good start to bring your kids or your family for a picnic and a few bonding moments. The flower farm can also be a good venue for family outings and perhaps for many nature lovers and flower enthusiasts this is a great time to weave exciting and fun filled memories of doing what they love the most.

You would definitely enjoy the picnic grove as well as the experience you will have from visiting Sonya’s private garden paradise. It can be a good dining option for you as well because they serve organically grown menus.

The People’s park in the sky is another landmark that you could visit. This was originally a palace intended for the visit of Pres. Ronald Reagan and his better half during the Marcos regime but due to some problems, it was stalled and never been given much attention after that. Today this serves as a viewing post for those who would want to have a look at the magnificent view of the entire area from above.

Now, that you have exhausted yourself from all the travelling and sight-seeing within the vicinity of Kasa Luntian, you can spare a few more hours relaxing in the nurture spa not far away.

A Worthwhile Investment
With the increasing value in real estate properties, investing your hard earned money in a condo unit owned by one of the most trusted and the largest real estate company in the country is a start of a good investment.

You might not be seeing the potential of your place now but after a few years, you would definitely notice the increase of its retail value. Aside from a possible vacation place, you have a solid asset in your name.

Getting the Feel of the Place Through their Amazing Amenities
The simple yet alluring greenery of the surroundings would surely add up to a wonderful time while enjoying the various amenities that this facility has to offer. You would surely have the time of your life as you wander through some interesting areas of the place.

Central Amenity Area:

- Welcome Pavilion with Koi Pond
- Adult and Leisure Pool
- Kiddie Pools
- Cascading Jacuzzis
- Pavilions
- Open Lawn
- Jungle Play Area

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