Manila Prime Land

Manila Prime Land Holdings, Inc. was incorporated on May 25, 2005

Manila Prime Land is guided by the principle of planning and executing designs and structures that will bring comfort and satisfaction to homeowners. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that all designs, structures and fixtures should exceed our satisfaction.

The company preserves its integrity by strictly adhering and conscientiously following government and industry guidelines and standards. We assure the home buyers that the land titles they get are clean and have not been mortgaged to finance other projects.

Our Short Term Plans
-To develop quality residential houses that will provide better options and will serve as the best alternative of interested real estate buyers, and
-To redevelop and reconstruct existing buildings and structures to create a feasible and synergized environment.
Our Long Term Plans
-To acquire sizeable areas of real estate properties in strategic locations in building communities with cultured and refined values, and
-To build and maintain buildings and commercial structures to corroborate our goal for long term presence in the industry.

Our Mission
To be one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines as a provider of quality residences and establishments for people from all walks of life. We intend to attain this by ensuring maximum satisfaction through high quality products crafted from only the latest technology and innovation without compromising standards, and observing the highest level of integrity and moral fortitude.

Our Vision
Manila Prime Land aims to accomplish the following:

-Be part of the worldwide campaign in sustainable development looking at the long term goals of the nation by building residences that will flourish through the passage of time.
-To act as a catalyst for urban renewal and redevelopment by continuously searching for breakthroughs, innovations and the latest technology in the real estate industry.
-To recognize our inherent responsibility of uplifting the quality of life through societal efforts and community based programs.
-To leave a legacy that our future generation will cherish as a result of implementing well planned and executed plans and strategies.

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