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2.9 - 6.0 M
  • Ready for Occupancy condominium in La Verti Residences at Pasay

La Verti Residences

Donada St, Taft Ave., Pasay City
42xStoreys 28.50 - 75.00 SQ.M Floor Area 1, 2, 3Beds 1, 2Baths

Residential Condominium for sale Finally, a refreshing place where nature and fashionable living meet at intervals the facet of Pasay City, The Outstanding Residential Condominium La Verti Residences. It's where a peaceful and exquisite life need to be lived, a home that's invigorating, un-lettered and simple still has everything you would like. it's your refuge of pleasantness and relaxation; it's an area you will call home and it's here at La Verti Residences.

Your green Getaway at intervals the Urban Jungle

...It's a home swallowed by verdure where natural light-weight and air, flow everywhere, with resort-style amenities and stylish conveniences accessible. Itís the proper setting for those who need to vary and enhance their means that of life.

...Despite all the commotion around us, you acknowledge you have nothing to be stressed regarding. as a results of once you click, you acknowledge that the important people and things in your life are around you in an exceedingly} very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

...Take a breather from the exhausting daily grind. click and relax in an exceedingly} very place where nature and stylish conveniences meet. Itís a greenhorn means that of living --- recharge and revitalize your life here!

...Where life takes you to a refreshing direction

The Residential Condominium is intentionally build to occupy entirely half of the heap therefore on gift due to having an oversize party for out of doors amenities. This aims to supply a true Resort setting within city where residents can experience a Park-Like Atmosphere with amenities that open up to the sky and keep them involved with the skin.

Breathing areas through Landscaping and conjointly the Lumiventte style Technology - The Residential Condominium project choices a singular tower discovered that optimizes natural light-weight and ventilation into the living areas. Balconies altogether units offer house owners their own quiet spot to induce pleasure from their surroundings and conjointly the city views. improved Sky Patio's every five floors extra enhances the resort like atmosphere throughout the entire building.

Modern and Innovative Expressions for numerous Lifestyles - Here, residents will discover that resort like and medium density-living can merge with innovative building vogue choices and strategically house arising thereupon in turn caters to the home-seekers' perception of urban high rise living.

First Rate Amenities and Open areas - With a 40:60 building footprint to party relation, owners will experience a hospitable atmosphere as they're greeted, upon coming back into the property, by ground level pleasantness areas and expansive open areas not found in different condominium comes.

Strategic Location and city Skyline Views - Location is ideally settled at the convergence purpose of Manila-Pasay-Makati. The project is at the middle of city and within hanging distance of all landmark commercial, business, educationaland cultural,  locations at intervals the railway line.

A worthy Investment - Centrally settled, fundamental measure from home to industrial and life-style hubs or business establishments are weakened so saving informed fuel consumption rate. Its shut proximity to schools provides the selection of dealings out their units to students or professionals in operation at intervals the immediate area.

Efficient Residential Condominium Property Management within a Secure setting - To free residents from everyday concern, a property management team shall administer the management of daily services, repairs and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building choices, all at intervals the comforts of a secured district at intervals the city.

La Verti Residences Residential Condominium is ideally settled at the convergence purpose of Manila-Pasay-Makati. settled at intervals the center of city, you will dramatically prune on period of time and traffic-related stress as a results of it's settled within the immediate section of cultural landmarks, well-known commercial establishments, business, educational and recreational locations at intervals the railway line.

How To Get There:
From Mall of Asia flip left to Diosdado Macapagal street. Head straight. Upon reaching subunit. Gil Puyat (formerly Buendia), you'll realize the world Trade Center landmark at the corner, produce a right. Cruise straight. Prepare to make a reverse once the intersection of subunit. Gil Puyat and Taft Ave. Go straight once your reverse. once you have got crossed Taft Avenue, flip right to Donada St. Head straight and you'll understand La Verti Residences Main Entrance to your right.

From Manila hall, below Lagusnilad beneath pass going to Taft Avenue. Cruise Taft Avenue. once crossing Pablo Ocampo Sr. formerly Vito Cruz Street, and also before reaching subunit. Gil Puyat Avenue, you'll realize the Nice La Verti Residences East Entrance to your right.

Epifanio First State los Santos Avenue (EDSA)
Option one - From EDSA, flip right at Roxas street. Upon reaching Pablo Ocampo Sr. erstwhile Vito Cruz, turn right. Go straight and switch right at Taft Avenue. you'll realize La Verti Residences East Entrance to your right.

Option a pair of - From EDSA, flip right at Taft Avenue. Go straight. once crossing the intersection of Taft Avenue & fractional monetary unit. Gil Puyat erstwhile Buendia, you'll realize La Verti Residences to your left. Go straight to reach a turnabout slot. once making a turnabout, La verti Residences East Entrance is on your right.

Residential Condominium La Verti Residences Condo for sale

1.20% Downpayment - 80% Thru In-House, Bank Financing
2.30% Downpayment - 70% Thru In-House, Bank Financing
3.40% Downpayment - 60% Thru In-House, Bank Financing
4.50% Downpayment - 50% Thru In-House, Bank Financing
5.100% Spot cash

Reservation Fee: Php 20,000
Minimum Downpayment: 20%

Balance may be settled through in-house or bank financing.
2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are submitted within 30 days from reservation date.
2% rebate (based on list price) will be given to the buyer after release of loan from the bank.

- Downpayment can be paid till turnover date of the project at 0% Interest.
- Balance can be paid in 1 year at 0% Interest.

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