SOC LAND Development Corp

Divestment of non-core business in recent years resulted in substantial liquidity for South China. This prompted the company's hunt for new business opportunities. In December 2010, the corporate determined to travel into property development and established its property arm SOC Land

Development Corporation (SOC Land).
The new venture is intermeshed at not solely enhancing the company's shareholder worth, however filling the necessity of Filipinos for higher housing products that are reasonable quality homes which will elevate their manner whereas keeping inside their means that.

SOC Land's access to the Puyat-Reyes group's numerous connected experience and resources creates a complete natural action the need profit event the foremost practical home-buyer. South Chinas's one hundred pc closely-held land bank includes prime properties in urban areas together with the positioning wherever its maiden project Anuva are settled. Thus, in contrast to its competitors, the corporate doesn't need to do venture with different landowners or obtain pricey tons to develop.

SOC land is additionally related  with the makers of a number of the materials required for the development and finishing of the buildings. These embrace Puyat Steel Corporation, Puyat Flooring merchandise opposition. and International Pipe Industries Corporation (IPI), manufacturers of trade leading APO whole of construction materials (APO Galfan, APO Floors and APO Pipes).

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